Total Rendition is the role-playing game set in the world of Post-Truth politics. For decades, stay-behind groups run by remnants of the Nazi-régime and their followers have been festering throughout Europe amid Cold War paranoia. They are now about to return, with greater force than ever.

Become André Weiland or Tzipora Herzog in their perilous quest against the remnants of Operation GLADIO.

Navigate a variety of challenges through a myriad of covert or violent means.

Conduct sleuth-like fact-finding, guerrilla tactics and corporate subversion in the underbelly of Holland’s Finest Beach, recreated in Unreal Engine 4.

Choose between heroism, swashbuckling or just plainly psychopathic behaviour.

Discover a dark world of subterfuge, family politics, terrorism, politically motivated paranoia, private military companies and stay-behind groups.

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It cannot be emphasised enough that Total Rendition is still under development. What you have seen so far is not a reflection of the final result. However, if you can, please give it whirl: Your help is what will make Total Rendition a great game.

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For the hard-hitting accounts of how this game is being made, please check out the developer blog. Admittedly, not even the developer blog itself can do justice to the events that have transpired since development has commenced. However, it may amaze you.

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Developer blog

Are you one of those interested in the gory details of the development of Total Rendition? Do not hesitate to read from the official developer blog! Read about explained the very production methodologies, tails of surviving harrowing trials, ideas and influences that make Total Rendition. Overall, it is a brutally honest account of the challenges that mar development. Challenges that are both typical and atypical to game development in general.