The Game they don’t want you to play!

Total Rendition is an upcoming Narrative-Driven, First-Person Immersive Simulation. Can you navigate the web of political intrigue your enemies have laid down for you? Even in the unlikeliest of places, like, say, a seaside resort on the Dutch Northsea coast? Your freedom and possibly your life could all depend on it! Why waste any time?

Total Rendition is a story of contemporary political intrigue. It may be just a game, yet perhaps it is one that may awaken your consciousness.

Get ready for tens of hours of gameplay that Total Rendition will have upon completion! It’s done when it’s done, and it’s not done yet!

Request access for the open playtest on Total Rendition’s Steam Early Access

What if Those we call Heroes today…

Any questions?

Become part of world history, by joining the open playtest of Total Rendition. It is free yet gives you privileged insight in the making of an ambitious narrative-driven title.

Daring pioneers who join the Early Access will be entitled to all upcoming future releases of Total Rendition on Windows and Linux, including the anticipated gold status version, provided these are actually allowed to see the light of day, of course! Total Rendition is the game they don’t want you to play for a reason, and this is all the more true for the intended end-result.

Then again, the beginnings of all things are small.

Check open playtest on Total Rendition’s Steam Early Access