Total Rendition

Important notice about Steam early access

We currently strongly recommend prospective players of Total Rendition to AVOID buying the Early Access version of Total Rendition on Steam. If you have paid for the Early Access version, you are advised to ask for a refund from Valve through Steam.

Unfortunately, as strange as this advice may sound, this is not a practical joke. The Early Access version is currently live on Steam in spite of our repeated and explicit requests to end availability until further notice. Any purchases made may not support development of Total Rendition as we may not receive any of the proceeds.

We believe that since the project’s conception in 2018, Total Rendition may be suffering from industrial sabotage efforts undertaken at the behest of the Dutch government, several hostile private citizens and violent non-state actors from several countries, amongst others, in order to hinder development of Total Rendition. The gold status version of Total Rendition is intended to have around 40 hours of gameplay and AAA production values, the political subtext of its planned main story to be deemed undesirable by the aforementioned groups.

We hope Valve will eventually honour our requests as to help us fight those who wish to obstruct development of Total Rendition, as we have learned lessons from the past from the experiences of other developers. No effort will be spared in ensuring Total Rendition will be completed and becomes the experience you have been waiting for, cultural and political impact included!