Total Rendition

Open playtest to be suspended

We have had a wild ride so far and the open playtest yielded useful feedback as well as gave us an insight in the amount of anticipation for Total Rendition.

However, we have come to a realisation: The amount of people who like to play the open playtest yet aren’t ready to dip their toes in the Early Access is quite small. By early October, we will – at least for a limited amount of time – deactivate the open playtest. We may thereafter reactivate it to test potentially controversial changes to Total Rendition, or permanently deactivate the open playtest.

Right now, we are making preparations towards the long anticipated and overdue update to Total Rendition’s Early Access, which is intended to see the introduction of plenty of originally made assets and a more visible narrative. For this, we are bringing onboard new people to the Total Rendition Dev Team. We hope to bring the resultantly massive overhaul either later this year or the next.

Thank you for checking out Total Rendition, and we hope you are looking forward to see the drastically improved next build of Total Rendition!