Total Rendition


  • Total Rendition “retired” from Steam (For now)

    Per our request, Total Rendition has been retired from Steam. We fought hard to avoid this outcome as we only sought to end Early Access, not “retire” from Steam wholesale.  However, Valve has indicated that they afforded us no choice other than retiring wholesale or keeping Early Access on. Based on our experiences, the latter would have…

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  • Important notice about Steam early access

    We currently strongly recommend prospective players of Total Rendition to AVOID buying the Early Access version of Total Rendition on Steam. If you have paid for the Early Access version, you are advised to ask for a refund from Valve through Steam. Unfortunately, as strange as this advice may sound, this is not a practical…

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  • Total Rendition early access to end

    Total Rendition is envisioned as a First-Person RPG drawing on the immersive sim classics from around the year 2000. One with a very engaging and relevant subtext at that. Think of Deus Ex meets Millennium Trilogy in the Netherlands. By bringing the early prototype of Total Rendition to Steam, we had hoped players would get…

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  • Total Rendition: October update

    Midlothian, Scotland – You might be wondering where that next update of Total Rendition is, since that major last major update dated from near the end of 2022, which largely went unnoticed (until now, hopefully). SchiZotypy Games wants you to know Total Rendition is absolutely not finished, and is still on track to be completed.…

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  • Open playtest to be suspended

    We have had a wild ride so far and the open playtest yielded useful feedback as well as gave us an insight in the amount of anticipation for Total Rendition. However, we have come to a realisation: The amount of people who like to play the open playtest yet aren’t ready to dip their toes…

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