Total Rendition

Total Rendition early access to end

Total Rendition is envisioned as a First-Person RPG drawing on the immersive sim classics from around the year 2000. One with a very engaging and relevant subtext at that. Think of Deus Ex meets Millennium Trilogy in the Netherlands.

By bringing the early prototype of Total Rendition to Steam, we had hoped players would get excited in anticipation of the final result, being necessary for the investment needed to recruit a large team necessary to help Total Rendition attain gold status. Unfortunately, the opposite happened. Early Access made Total Rendition a sitting duck for (Neo-Nazi) trolls. Over the past year, we have witnessed an endless litany of trolling in the form of smear campaigns, review bombs, refund trolling, sealioning, etc. Investors could even be tempted to think narrative-driven single-player games are dead in general.

We are now discussing with Valve the possibility of suspending Total Rendition’s availability on Steam wholesale, until it has attained Gold Status, as to safeguard its reputation, and our own. I, for one, am quite incensed at this state of affairs. On the other hand, it showcases why Total Rendition premise is relevant. Hopefully, not too relevant as to render work impossible.

It does not mean that work on Total Rendition will stop, however. In my most recent Devlog entry, I have outlined my outlook on Total Rendition’s development and game development more generally. In the meantime, I advise not to buy Total Rendition, awaiting the outcome of our negotiations with Valve.