Total Rendition

Total Rendition: October update

Midlothian, Scotland – You might be wondering where that next update of Total Rendition is, since that major last major update dated from near the end of 2022, which largely went unnoticed (until now, hopefully).

SchiZotypy Games wants you to know Total Rendition is absolutely not finished, and is still on track to be completed. Game development is a lot more than sitting behind a computer, writing design documents, code or doing 3D animation, to name a few examples. Game development also involves getting yourself out there. For Total Rendition, 2023 has been all about that.

Total Rendition promises to become a game offering 40 hours+ amount of gameplay, huge amount of interactivity and replayability. A monumental undertaking which requires excellent logistics.

If you want to gain the deepest insights into the development of Total Rendition, pay a visit to the official SchiZotypy Games Devlog.